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Safe and Spooktacular: 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Tots

What’s more fun than dressing up as your favorite animal or character and collecting candy?! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many little ones, and it’s easy to forget safety in all the fun.

Here are five safety essentials that you’ll want to include in your spooky celebrations:

  • Stay away from flames. Jack-o-lanterns are cute but there’s fire inside! Billowy costumes can catch on fire, so be aware of the type of costume you choose and keep away from open flames.
  • Be visible. Darkness comes early this time of year, so be sure you can see your little one at all times with reflector tape on his or her costume. You can also head out early while there’s plenty of light.
  • Keep costumes short. Long hems can cause falls, so stay with something short.
  • Enforce a no-running rule.It’s difficult for drivers to see small children at night, so keep them close to you at all times and enforce no running.
  • , so keep your tot close.
  • Use non-toxic face paint instead of masks. Masks make it difficult for little ones to see and breathe, so stick to non-toxic makeup for kids.

Halloween can be a fantastic, fun holiday for everyone as long as you keep it safe! What other tips do you have to share?


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The Prettiest Season for Photos of Your Happy Little One

With the cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is the perfect time for photos! Gather your little ones and head outdoors for these fantastic photo op ideas we found on Pinterest.

Among the Leaves — Planting baby in the midst of pretty fall leaves makes a classic fall photo!


Pretty in the Pumpkin Patch — What’s more in the autumn spirit than a pumpkin patch? Head to a pick-your-own patch and take home a pumpkin while you’re at it! 


All in the Family — Get the whole family involved by hiring a photographer or asking a friend to shoot for you. 


At the Orchard — Pose your little one in an orchard with a peck of apples, and you’ll have a lovely autumn backdrop. 


Fall Hike — Take your tot on a walk through the park or in the woods, and use nature as your studio! 


Fall is quite possibly the prettiest season, so grab your camera and get some adorable autumn photos you’ll keep forever!

Scare Up Some Fun With These Fall Activities

There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning, and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the time of year for some of our favorite fall activities! If you’re looking for some fantastic ways to take advantage of the autumn weather, try some of these ideas:

Pumpkin Patches — Your little one will love helping pick out a pumpkin!


Corn Mazes — Explore a corn maze and let your toddler help to find the way out!


Hayrides — Hayrides are a wonderful family activity! Dress everyone up in warm clothing and enjoy the crisp air.


Apple Picking — Some orchards have pick-your-own options, where you can get out into the field with a basket for some apple picking fun!


Harvest Festivals — Check and see if your area hosts a fall festival you can attend. Many festivals are kid-friendly and have great toddler areas for kids to enjoy.


Halloween Parties — If your daycare or playgroup doesn’t already have a Halloween party planned, you can gather up some friends and host one yourself! Dress the tots as their favorite animal or character, and enjoy spending time together!


What fall activities do you enjoy with your little one?

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Who’s This? Learning Family Through Scrapbooks

Babies come into the world with a lot to learn — everything is new. There are so many different colors, shapes, sounds, smells  . . . and people!

Immediate family members are easy to learn, and little ones quickly pick up who is “Mommy”, “Daddy”, or siblings. But extended family can be a little trickier for those so new to the family circle. 

A great way to teach who’s who is to use a scrapbook! Photos of family members can remind little ones of Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and others. Make it a game by pointing to a photo and asking, “Who’s this?” 

Over time, little ones will learn everyone’s name and will be able to identify who comes to visit!

How do you teach who’s who? Share your ideas!

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Enjoy the Outdoors With an Autumn Nature Walk

Many of us around here are lovers of autumn —it’s the winner of “most popular season”by far! With the cooler temperatures, crisp air, and colorful leaves, fall brings the opportunity for so many fantastic activities. If you’re looking for some great ways to enjoy the outdoors this season, check out these ideas for an autumn nature walk to bring a smile to your little one’s face!

  • Visit an orchard. Apple orchards are lovely places for a walk, and many allow you to pick your own apples. Toddlers can get involved in the apple-picking action too, as long as you’re supervising!
  • Crunch through the leaves. Children of all ages love to run through fallen leaves, crunching them underfoot!
  • Collect colorful leaves. Leaves that haven’t yet gotten crunchy are perfect for collecting. Yellows, reds, and oranges all appeal to little ones.
  • Listen for the animals. Young ones can learn animal sounds as they listen for the pattering feet of squirrels, the chirping of birds, and the ribbitting of frogs.
  • Feel the textures of natural objects. Bark, sticks, river stones, grasses, and flowers all have different textures that can be explored.

What are some of your favorite autumn activities?


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More Than Fun and Games: 8 Ideas for Sensory Play

Although diagraming sentences in English class may have given us the idea that school is boring, we’ve all figured out by now that learning can be fun! And sensory learning is especially enjoyable for little ones.

Sensory play teaches children to investigate and explore using touch, taste, hearing, seeing, and smell. And it helps them to develop cognitively, physically, emotionally, and creatively.

We’ve gathered some fun ideas for sensory play that you can enjoy with your little one!

  • Play with musical toys.
  • Toss stuffed animals.
  • Color with child-safe markers.
  • Make a touch book of different textures from your home.
  • Sit very quietly outside and try to guess the sounds you hear—birds, children laughing, etc.
  • Read a book, using different voices for different characters.
  • Ply with colored blocks.
  • Take a nature walk and feel leaves, branches, and grass.

And don’t let baby have all the fun! Jump right in and join your little one — he or she will love it even more!

Tummy Time: When Laying Around is Actually Working!

Although crawling seems simple to us now, it’s a complex process that babies have to learn as a first step to walking. Experts say your little one’s style can be all his or her own — what matters is that he or she learns movement. And that movement starts with tummy time.

By playing on their bellies, babies develop core muscle strength that helps them learn to crawl. When you’re playing with your little one, you can place a toy slightly out of reach so he or she can experiment with moving toward the toy.

Supervised tummy time makes for happier babies and teaches them valuable skills at the same time!

Rub-a-Dub Organizing for Easy-to-Access Bath Toys

Babies are tiny, but the amount of toys that usually accompany them isn’t! Organizing regular toys is pretty intuitive — toy boxes, plastic crates, fabric bins. . . the list of options goes on and on! But when it comes to bath toys, organizing can be a little trickier. There’s not a lot of room in the bathroom for crates, and no one wants baby’s toys lying on the floor.

We scoured the web for some creative solutions to use and share. Here’s what we found.

Froggy StorageThis cute little frog-shaped organizer attaches to the wall of the tub and has drainage holes to prevent mildew.


The TubbyThis storage solution is a stretchy pouch made from neoprene with mesh panels, and also attaches to the tub wall. 


Shower Totes — You don’t have to get fancy to get organized. Simple shower totes are great for storing toys.


A Colander — And you can make it even simpler with a plastic kitchen colander! You can keep the colander in the tub, ready to go for bath time.

colander - blue

We all know bath toys make for happy babies, and organized bath toys make for happy parents. What solutions have you come up with for storing bath toys?

Image Credits (from top): Gerber Childrenswear, Boon, Inc., Apartment Therapy, The Container Store, Mega Housewares

Make a Hide-away Tent for Naptime or Playtime!

Making tents is a part of just about everyone’s childhood. Whether pretending you were camping, playing house, or imagining you were in an ancient land, you likely loved making tents when you were small.

You can help your little one make happy memories of his or her own by building a tent together! If you want to go beyond the standard sheets-and-blankets tents, check out these fun ideas we found on the web:

A Crafty Tent — Make your tent into art!


A Collapsible Fabric Tent — You can take this one outside!


A Reading Tent — For little bookworms!

Share your tent-making memories! We’d love to hear them.

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Recycled Memories: How to Make a Keepsake Quilt from Loved T-shirts

Quilts are cozy, and when they’re hung on a wall they make a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down through the family. And what better materials to construct a keepsake quilt from than well-loved clothing?

You can make a full-sized quilt from your own old clothing, or you can make a baby-sized quilt from items your little one has outgrown! If quilting seems intimidating, don’t be afraid. We found a fantastic, easy tutorial online from Missouri Star Quilt Company that teaches how to make a quilt from t-shirts. The tutorial uses full-sized t-shirts, but you can adapt it to make a smaller quilt by using your little one’s t-shirts.

Let us know if you try it! 

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