Bath Time for Baby: How to Keep It Safe and Fun

Bath time is a fantastic opportunity to have some laughs with your little one. Babies love baths—splashing, playing, and enjoying the water. We’ve gathered a few ideas to make bath time safe and fun!

Custey-up the Spout

Spout protectors keep baby from bumping his or her head, and a cute one will make your little one smile!

Don’t Forget the Toys

Keeping some special toys for the bath will help your little one enjoy bath time even more. These cute squirting sea creatures or an adorable tugboat will keep baby entertained and happy!

Stay With Baby

Even just a little water can be hazardous for an unsupervised baby, so be sure to gather everything you’ll need before you put baby in the tub!

Warm, But Not Too Hot

You want your little one to be comfy but not get burned. Warm water that isn’t hot is best. Experts say to set the thermostat on your water heater to below 120 F (49 C).

You Only Need a Little

Babies only need a small amount of water in the tub. In fact, just 2-4 inches is best.

What toys or activities does your little one enjoy in the tub? How do you make bath time fun?