Cozy Up the Crib for Sweet Dreams

Babies spend so much of their time sleeping! As they sleep, little ones grow and develop. You might be wondering how to make sure your little one sleeps safe and sound. Here are a few tips we’ve collected.

  1.  A simple tight-fitting sheet to cover the mattress will make a soft and comfortable place for baby to lie. Less is more when it comes to comfort! A firm tight-fitting mattress covered with a tightly-fitted sheet that also meets safety standards is all your little one needs.
  2. Keep it minimal. Remove all loose items from the crib such as extra blankets, comforters, stuffed animals, toys, billowy bumpers and pillows to keep baby safe.
  3. Babies are back sleepers! Experts say that side and tummy positions aren’t safe and increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS).
  4. Keep the temperature just right. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting your little one in light clothing and setting the room temperature to a comfortable level for an adult dressed in light clothing.

Creating a cozy crib is super easy, because less is more when it comes to babies and sleep! For more info on how to keep baby safe and sleep safety standards, visit Consumer Products Safety Commission.