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Twice as Sweet: Mom and Baby Duo Costumes

Whether you’re staying home on the 31st and passing out candy or heading to a little-ones-welcome Halloween party, you can win best costume with matching mom and baby set! Here are a few ideas.


Harry and Hedwig: We love this Harry Potter-inspired idea! Who knew Hedwig was such a cutie?


Rainbow Bright and Twink: We watched hours and hours of Rainbow Bright growing up, and we love this set! Now you can have your own little sprite! 


Tony the Tiger on a Frosted Flakes Box: This is a kid’s cereal that comes with a kid on the front!


Woody and Jessie from Toy Story: Does your little one love Toy Story? This set is easy to put together, and so adorable! 

Your costume will be twice as nice with baby involved! 

photo credit: Dabe Murphy via photopin cc

Who’s This? Learning Family Through Scrapbooks

Babies come into the world with a lot to learn — everything is new. There are so many different colors, shapes, sounds, smells  . . . and people!

Immediate family members are easy to learn, and little ones quickly pick up who is “Mommy”, “Daddy”, or siblings. But extended family can be a little trickier for those so new to the family circle. 

A great way to teach who’s who is to use a scrapbook! Photos of family members can remind little ones of Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and others. Make it a game by pointing to a photo and asking, “Who’s this?” 

Over time, little ones will learn everyone’s name and will be able to identify who comes to visit!

How do you teach who’s who? Share your ideas!

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2 Ways to Get Your Little One into the Team Spirit on Game Day!

Everyone can join in the game day fun, even baby! Try one of these fun ideas to bring a smile to your little one’s face!

  1. Customize a Gerber Onesies® brand bodysuit with your favorite team’s logo or colors Our white Onesies® brand bodysuits make the perfect canvas for showing your enthusiasm for your team. It’s super easy! Just get some fabric in your team’s print and Heat’n Bond® iron-on adhesive. Cut a shape or section out of your fabric, then follow the directions on the Heat’n Bond® package to adhere the fabric to the bodysuit.
  2. Create a ‘Get in the Game’ team centerpiece for your tailgate party using Gerber Onesies® and accessories — Invite your mom and dad friends over with their little ones for a baby tailgate! You can create a team-themed centerpiece that has a practical use after the party’s over! Check out the tutorial.

With these ideas, your little one can cheer along with you!

Organizing the Nursery the DIY Way!

We’ve all drooled over the fancy custom furniture and organizers designed to keep the nursery neat, haven’t we? But there are so many ways to make your own cute nursery organizers! Here are a few to try.


Create drawer dividers with small baskets. Baby clothes are tiny! You can make them easier to find by dividing up your drawers with baskets to separate items.


Use a shoe organizer to store small items on the back of a door. Shoe organizers are perfect for accessories. And they come in fun colors that you can match to the nursery!

no sew diaper box canvas bins 1

Make storage bins from diaper boxes. You don’t have to buy expensive bins for storage! You can make your own from empty diaper boxes.


Get great use of your wall space with adorable bucket-shelves. These precious little shelves are created from plastic buckets, and they’re so easy to make!


Design a pretty clothes-hanger. Baby clothes are so cute, why not show them off?! By hanging a branch from the ceiling with colorful ribbon, you can increase your storage stylishly! Find a tutorial here.

You can craft your way to a sweet and organized nursery without breaking the bank! What DIY solutions have you created?

Photo credits (from top): Apartment Therapy, IKEA, Amazon, Positively Splendid, Ohoh Blog, The Sweetest Digs

Make a Hide-away Tent for Naptime or Playtime!

Making tents is a part of just about everyone’s childhood. Whether pretending you were camping, playing house, or imagining you were in an ancient land, you likely loved making tents when you were small.

You can help your little one make happy memories of his or her own by building a tent together! If you want to go beyond the standard sheets-and-blankets tents, check out these fun ideas we found on the web:

A Crafty Tent — Make your tent into art!


A Collapsible Fabric Tent — You can take this one outside!


A Reading Tent — For little bookworms!

Share your tent-making memories! We’d love to hear them.

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DIY Silhouette Gerber Onesies® Garment Using Fabric Stamping

Felicia Carter is the founder and managing editor behind the popular lifestyle blog, Go Grow Go.  Her blog features savvy tips that help readers: simplify, save, grow and go! 


There is something quite magical about being a parent to young children.  Believe me, it isn’t always a walk in the park, but I love how having babies opened up the floodgates of creativity for me.  I may not always be the best, but the ideas are constant because of these two movers and shakers I was blessed with.

Having two boys means little to no down time for me.  When I am looking at DIY projects they have to meet three criteria:

  • The project must be cute and/or useful.
  • The project must be simple.
  • The project must be inexpensive.


So, when Gerber Childrenswear asked me to come up with a fun DIY project that pertained to their popular and timeless Gerber Onesies® one piece underwear, I knew immediately what I wanted to do!  I have been throwing around the idea of fabric stamping a few silhouettes on various items in my youngest son’s room just to give it a little more character.  I already had the fabric paint on hand for this particular project which was a bonus.  Lately, the trend on clothing and décor has been leaning towards silhouettes.  I love the clean lines and simplicity of it all.  With several close friends having babies, I thought it would be perfect to combine the silhouette trend with the Gerber Onesies® one piece underwear in order to give them meaningful gifts with character and style.


This project turned out so cute and it was so simple you could even let older kids be a part of it.

Materials Needed:

  • Safe, non-toxic fabric paint
  • Stamp style foam paint brush
  • Gerber Onesies® garment, washed
  • Print out of a silhouette on card stock
  • Strong tape (packing tape works great)
  • Scissors



  1. Print out the silhouette you desire on card stock.  You can find images online and then size them using Word or another picture editor.
  2. Carefully cut the silhouette out of the card stock.  You will need to slightly bend the paper and make a cut in the middle of the image so that you create yourself a stencil.
  3. Place an extra piece of cardboard or card stock inside the Gerber Onesies® garment in order to prevent bleed through.
  4. Tape the stencil down onto the garment making sure it is secure and pressed closely to the fabric.  Make sure not to cover the actual stencil area.  NOTE: Make sure your garment has been pre-washed.
  5. Take your foam brush and press it into the fabric paint.  Knock any excess off of the brush.
  6. Using a stamping motion, press down on the stencil until you have the entire figure filled in.  Make sure all areas are covered completely.  NOTE: if you get the card stock too wet it can stick to the garment when you pull it off.  Try not to over saturate when painting.
  7. Allow the fabric paint to dry for about 4 hours.
  8. Pull the stencil off of the fabric.
  9. After 72 hours, turn the finished garment inside out and wash it again.


We decided to go with the North Carolina State outline (the state we live in) as one of our silhouettes.  It turned out beautifully! I also tried a Ford truck silhouette, which also did well.  My own two boys wanted a shirt with the truck on it.  I may need to make a few more for them!

What a fun and inexpensive way to create a thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one.  You could also use this same method to make a fun birthday gift for a 1st birthday!


Make sure to connect with Felicia for more tips and ideas:






Be the Favorite Gift-Giver With These Best Mom-to-Be Gifts!

Want to give the mom-to-be something a little different along with your customary registry item? You’ll be the favorite gift-giver with these fantastic ideas!

Made-by-Hand — What’s more special than a something handmade? Here are 20 ideas for handmade baby gifts you can make yourself.


Never Lose a Paci — Most new moms get a workout bending over to pick up dropped pacifiers or bottles. This ingenious vest keeps pacifiers and bottles securely attached to baby, so no more picking up and washing!

Attachable Phone Case — Especially if your soon-to-be-mom friend is active, she’ll appreciate this mobile phone case that attaches to a stroller handle. No more missed calls or notifications.


Never Too Many Clothes — New moms can never have too many clothes! Babies grow out of clothes so quickly. Newborn sizes don’t last long, so if you’re buying clothes for the baby, you may want to give a few 3-6 month and 6-9 month sizes so the new mom will have something to put baby in as he or she grows!


What about you? Have you ever been stuck for gift ideas? What do you like to give soon-to-be moms?


photo credits (from top): Make It & Love It, The Text Hook, Gerber Childrenswear

Cozy Up the Crib for Sweet Dreams

Babies spend so much of their time sleeping! As they sleep, little ones grow and develop. You might be wondering how to make sure your little one sleeps safe and sound. Here are a few tips we’ve collected.

  1.  A simple tight-fitting sheet to cover the mattress will make a soft and comfortable place for baby to lie. Less is more when it comes to comfort! A firm tight-fitting mattress covered with a tightly-fitted sheet that also meets safety standards is all your little one needs.
  2. Keep it minimal. Remove all loose items from the crib such as extra blankets, comforters, stuffed animals, toys, billowy bumpers and pillows to keep baby safe.
  3. Babies are back sleepers! Experts say that side and tummy positions aren’t safe and increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS).
  4. Keep the temperature just right. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting your little one in light clothing and setting the room temperature to a comfortable level for an adult dressed in light clothing.

Creating a cozy crib is super easy, because less is more when it comes to babies and sleep! For more info on how to keep baby safe and sleep safety standards, visit Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Bath Time for Baby: How to Keep It Safe and Fun

Bath time is a fantastic opportunity to have some laughs with your little one. Babies love baths—splashing, playing, and enjoying the water. We’ve gathered a few ideas to make bath time safe and fun!

Custey-up the Spout

Spout protectors keep baby from bumping his or her head, and a cute one will make your little one smile!

Don’t Forget the Toys

Keeping some special toys for the bath will help your little one enjoy bath time even more. These cute squirting sea creatures or an adorable tugboat will keep baby entertained and happy!

Stay With Baby

Even just a little water can be hazardous for an unsupervised baby, so be sure to gather everything you’ll need before you put baby in the tub!

Warm, But Not Too Hot

You want your little one to be comfy but not get burned. Warm water that isn’t hot is best. Experts say to set the thermostat on your water heater to below 120 F (49 C).

You Only Need a Little

Babies only need a small amount of water in the tub. In fact, just 2-4 inches is best.

What toys or activities does your little one enjoy in the tub? How do you make bath time fun?