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Bundle Up: Use Layers to Chase Away the Flu Season’s Chill

To keep your baby warm and happy, offers an easy-to-remember guideline: put newborns in one extra layer than adults would need. suggests easy-on-easy-off layers that you can easily adjust, as you go from indoors to outdoors and back again. Here are a few ideas:

  • Start with a Base Layer—White Gerber Onesies®make a perfect base layer because they are one piece and they coordinate with everything.
  • Easy-to-Remove Outer Layers —You can use pull-on pants to keep baby’s legs warm, and add a long-sleeve tee with a sweater for extra warmth on colder days. (Note: You’ll want to avoid tight clothing or items with ribbons and strings that could cause choking.)
  • Don’t Forget Accessories—Add caps, socks, and mittens to keep your little one’s head, toes, and fingers cozy warm.

With layers, you can keep your baby’s flu defenses up and never be caught in cold weather unprepared!

Organic is for Everyone!

As we learn more about unnatural chemicals, more people are choosing organic products. Organic doesn’t stop with fruits and veggies. 8 out of 10 parents are buying organic products for their little ones—organic food and other organic products like clothing, skin care, and hair products.

What do you think? Do you buy any organic products? Do you think there are benefits to organic? We’d like to know you opinion and what you like to purchase!

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Cutie Pies for Summertime

Summer is such a fun time to dress the little ones. Bright colors, pretty pastels, and adorable accessories make summer cheery for parents and babies too! Here are four of our favorite summer outfits — let us know which one you like the best!

Pretty With a Cherry on Top — This adorable skirted bodysuit with matching headband bow features cherries on the front for your pretty-as-a-picture baby girl.

Later Alligator — Keep your little boy comfy with this cool shades-wearing alligator set.

We All Scream For Ice Cream — Your little girl might just squeal with delight at this polka dot set with an ice cream motif.

Monkeying Around — Boys love monkeys, and this set with a smiling monkey on the front will make your little one smile!

Off to the Beach? Accessories Make the Sun and Sand More Fun!

June means sun and sand — beach vacations! We’re looking forward to spending some time with our toes in the warm sand and salty water this summer, and we know you are too!

Accessorizing baby for the beach is a fun way to keep them safe and comfortable. We’ve had fun creating our new summer-inspired line with caps, hats, and bonnets, and we’re excited to see little ones enjoying everything!

Having fun and spending time together this summer —that’s what beach days are all about. Tell us about your favorite beach activities!


Layers. It’s what’s in this summer.

We all know that babies can be unpredictable. And there’s only one thing that can match – or even surpass – baby’s unpredictability: Mother Nature.

Now that summer’s here, it’s going to be hot, hot, hot! Throw in some humidity and arctic air conditioning, and you could have one unhappy baby on your hands.

But dealing with these extreme conditions really can be easier than a game of paddy cake. It all comes down to layers. Layering’s not only convenient, it also gives you a chance to utilize more of that uber-cute gear your little one will soon outgrow.

Start with the staple of every baby’s wardrobe – a Onesies® Brand Bodysuit. The 100% cotton keeps baby cool and comfy. Plus, it’s perfectly acceptable to sport on its own.

Add a t-shirt. A tee is a great way to keep away the chill. And let’s face it, a baby in a t-shirt is irresistibly cute.

– Slip on some shorts or pants. Perfect for those sub-zero grocery store trips! Get creative with fun prints — maybe flowers for your little girl or alligators for your baby boy.

Top it off with accessories. Sweet socks and booties keep tiny toes warm. And nothing says, “I rock summer” like a precious little hat!

Don’t sweat it this summer. Layering is the “cool” way to go for not only a stylish baby, but a happy one, too.

Do you have tips on how you keep your little ones comfortable? Please share with us!

Spring Wardrobe Fun for Your Little One

Really, we promise. Spring will come. In some parts of the country, it may not seem like it, but it is on it’s way! Help your little one get ready for it by getting some of these fun spring wardrobe items.

  1. Sunny G’s. No child’s spring wardrobe is complete without a pair of tiny sunglasses! Whether your little one is a few months old or a few years old, sunglasses will have the fashion-conscious gawking at his or her cuteness, and they’ll keep the harmful UV rays out of his or her yes. It’s a win-win all around!
  2. Suspenders. We know—these used to be SO nerdy. But the nerd look is in now! And suspenders aren’t just a boy-thing anymore. Your kiddo—boy or girl—will look fab in them. Try an unexpected color like pink or white for girls or red or green for boys. An added plus? No more saggy pants.
  3. Cardigan. Your little one is still tiny so he or she gets colder than you would in springtime temperatures. Get her a cute heart cardigan or him a sweet striped cardigan to keep warm when the sun is out but the temperatures are chilly.
  4. Hip hats. Your little boy or girl will look super sassy in a newsboy or even a straw fedora this spring. Or try bear hat complete with ears!
  5. A scarf. No, not the wool variety you stuck them in all winter long. Think something lightweight, or try an child-size infinity scarf. Aqua or coral are great colors for spring scarves!
  6. Cool shorts. And not your grandpa’s shorts either. Boys shorts come in all colors and patterns—pink, blue, yellow. And for girls, try a cute pattern, like polka dot or even a seersucker!

Your little one will be the talk of the town if you dress him or her in one of these super cute spring wardrobe items!

How to Brighten Up and Beat the Winter Chill

You’ve got your baby all decked out in layers and a warm fuzzy hat, but don’t forget about you! Some winter days, it seems like the snow, the cold, the wet will never end. Don’t let your wardrobe reflect the dreary winter days outside.

If you’re a mom trying to keep track of a child or two, throwing on jeans and a neutral sweater seems easy and time saving, but to keep your winter wardrobe bright and cheery, try these ideas. Not only will you look more cheerful, you’ll feel more cheerful, too!

  1. Dress up your neck. You have to wear a scarf, anyway, to keep out the cold, so why not give your outfit a pop of color with a bright scarf? Not only do scarves add a little extra oomph to your outfit, they also help conceal baby stains. You know what we mean here, moms—that dab of spit up or that spot of pureed green beans that just wasn’t worth a change of clothes!
  2. Don’t forget the legs. Dressing up to go out? Even if everything above is a shade of black or gray, throw in some bright tights or leggings for a little extra color. Or, if you’re not into hot pink tights, try out tights with a pattern or texture.
  3. Top it all off. Throw a cute winter hat in for a bit of color on the top. Your options are endless—a sophisticated cloche, a slouchy knit, a beret, and the list goes on and on. For moms, hats cover a multitude of sins—bad hair days because the kids broke your straightener or graying roots because who has time for a trip to the salon?

Warm up your winter with bright and warm accessories!
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Gerber for Christmas

Got a special little someone in your life? Has that little someone been extra good? Get your baby the perfect little Gerber outfit this Christmas to keep him or her warm and cuddly! Here are some ideas for you:

For the boys:

  1. Check out our adorable little three piece long-sleeve Onesies® Brand bodysuit matching pants, and hat! Your little boy will look cute as a miniature monkey, dino, or sports fan.
  2. Want to keep your baby boy warm night or day? Our sleep n’ play outfits are perfect for winter weather, any time of day! As an added bonus, they come with a bib to keep baby’s outfit free of drool or food.
  3. Planning to take baby out in the winter weather this season? Then one of our hat and mitten sets is the perfect gift for your little one. He will be off the cuteness charts with a puppy cap, a bear cap, or a monster cap.
  4. Your little boy will show off his boytude in one of our Onesies® Brand  bodysuits. We think the “My dad is a superhero” bodysuit is especially cute!

For the girls:

  1. We are in love with our blanket sleepers! They come in packs of two so you can alternate patterns. Check out the monkey and owl patterns! Can you get cuter than that?
  2. Pick out one of our three piece Onesies® Brand pants, and cap sets for your little girl. Whether she’s dressed up in a giraffe outfit or an apple outfit, she’ll be precious and warm this season.
  3. Keep your little girl’s toes warm this winter with these owl booties. How adorable are the little owls on the toes?
  4. Got a little drooler and dribbler on your hands? Keep her clean and girly-cute with our three piece bib set!

Get baby the perfect gift this season from Gerber!

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful: How to Keep Baby Warm This Winter

Frosty nights have already descended on many parts of the country, and some areas have even had their first snow. So how do you keep Jack Frost from nipping at your baby’s nose? We’ve got some ideas for you below.


It’s essential to keep baby warm while she sleeps, but to keep your little one safe, it’s important not to cover him or her with blankets. Instead, put a tightly-fitted flannel sheet on the crib mattress. Then dress baby in a Onesies® Brand bodysuit or a t-shirt underneath his or her pajamas or sleeper. To get the bed extra warm before baby goes to sleep, use a hot water bottle to warm it up. Just be sure to remove it before you put baby down for the night.


Baby should be getting some fresh air every day, even in the winter. You just want to be sure he or she is properly dressed for it. Be sure to dress baby in easy-on and easy-off layers so that when you go inside you can easily remove an outer layer. When you do go outdoors, start with a Onesies® Brand bodysuit and pants. Add socks to keep baby’s feet warm, and, depending on the temperature, a sweater or long sleeve shirt. For colder days, add a hat and mittens. Top it all off with a durable, well-insulated, and waterproof snowsuit or bunting. If it’s extra cold out, wrap a warm blanket around baby’s outer layer to add an additional level of warmth.


During colder months, dress baby like you would otherwise dress inside the house, but add an extra layer for babies younger than a year. Babies twelve months and older should be comfortable with the same amount of layers you would wear. Be sure to keep baby’s toes warm with socks. If it’s extra chilly, put a little cap on him or her to wear around the house.

Help baby dress for the weather and stay warm this winter!

The Organized Mom: A Guide to Dealing with Outgrown Baby Clothes

Babies may be little, but they sure do take up a lot of space! Baby’s nursery can quickly become overrun with tiny socks, little Gerber Onesies®, and outgrown sleep n’ play outfits. What’s a mom to do when baby’s room becomes a disaster zone? The first step is to get rid of outgrown clothes—here’s how.

  1. If you plan to have another baby, pack clothes that baby can no longer wear away in storage bins. Neatly label each bin with the size so you can easily find what you need next time around.
  2. Have a garage sale or loan to a consignment shop. Each season, separate out clothes that don’t fit baby anymore and sell them “in season” to make a better profit. Send yourself on a shopping spree with the money you make for new baby clothes or other baby supplies.
  3. Do a good deed and donate baby’s outgrown clothes to a local charity. Check out for a nationwide directory of charities in your area. While some charities only accept drop-offs, some will save you the trouble and pick up your donations for free!
  4. Have a clothes swap. Gather friends and family members, neighbors or people from church, teachers from daycare or people you meet at the pediatrician’s office and exchange your baby’s outgrown clothes for clothes that do fit.
  5. Make a quilt. If you are the sentimental type and can’t bear to part with those cute and tiny Gerber Onesies®, consider making a small quilt (or a large one if you have tons of extra clothes) as a keepsake to remember baby’s tiny days by.

Keep baby’s room organized and neat with these organized-mom tricks. Help us out moms—do you have other tips and tricks for dealing with outgrown baby clothes?