Favorite Christmas Traditions

Whether this your first Christmas with a baby or your tenth, now is as good a time as any to start new Christmas traditions. We’ll list some of our favorite Christmas traditions, and we’d love to hear from our readers about your favorite Christmas traditions!

  1. The twelve days of Christmas. For each of the twelve days before Christmas, purchase a small gift for your child to open. These gifts can be as simple as Christmas drinking straws or Christmas candy. You could also choose to have a theme each year. For instance, one year could be the “Twelve Days of Christmas Storybooks.”
  2. Purchase or make a new ornament every Christmas. It will be fun to watch the tree fill with ornaments that bring back memories of Christmases past.
  3. Purchase or make a box, complete with a lid. Every Christmas, put a letter from mom and dad inside the ornament for your little one to read.
  4. Create a set of twelve or twenty-four cards, each one with an activity printed on it to countdown until Christmas. One activity could be “Bake Christmas cookies.” Another could be “Watch ________ (insert your favorite Christmas movie).”
  5. Pick a favorite Christmas book to read every Christmas season. Chapter books work well because you can read them for several nights leading up to Christmas.
  6. Give some love and cheer to your neighbors by caroling at their doors. Take a plate of cookies to bring a little extra sweetness. If your family is uncomfortable doing this activity alone, invite a few friends to harmonize with you.
  7. Help your children develop a love of the arts by taking them to a special Christmas concert or the Nutcracker every Christmas season.

Now it’s time to hear from you! What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


photo credit: Funky Shapes via photopin cc

  • Amanda Langer-Williamson

    On Christmas Eve, we each open up one present, which is new pajamas for everyone and a movie, and popcorn. Then we all cuddle up for a late-evening movie to get us nice and sleepy.

    • Laura

      Sounds cozy and fun!