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3 Festive Fall Ideas for an Autumn Baby Shower

Soon-to-be moms who get autumn baby showers are so lucky—with so many fun and cozy fall decorations and goodies! If you’re planning a baby shower this fall, here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

  1. Little Pumpkin — With a pumpkin-inspired table banner, themed cupcakes, and iced lattes, this idea is super cute and perfect for fall! photo_27097_view_album_large
  2. Ready to Pop — Who doesn’t love caramel corn? It’s one of our fall favorites, and it sets the stage for a perfect autumn shower! 598472_371170776308407_862993117_n_600x900
  3. Fall in Love — Use the colors of autumn’s falling leaves to celebrate the new little one! Everything from invitations to table decor to leaf-shaped cookies will make this theme special. il_570xN.489383604_bdig

What’s your favorite fall shower theme?

upper photo credit: Kate’s Party Ideas

Gift Ideas for the Brainiacs

Some new moms are brainiacs who start teaching their babies while they’re still in the womb! For your friends who fall into this category, you may be wondering what to bring to the baby shower. Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered that are high on education but just as high on fun.

Colorful Inchworm — This plush toy teaches color and plays music for babies to develop auditory skills.

The Best of Elmo — What little one doesn’t like Elmo from Sesame Street? This classic video entertains for 30 minutes, teaching numbers, parts of the face, thinking of others first, heavy & light, being afraid, hair & fur, and imagination.

123 Count With Me — This Sesame Street video teaches counting with Ernie.

Discovery Book — This soft book has colors, textures, and sounds for little ones to explore.

Multi-Sensory Sorter — This is a soft take on the classic wooden toy for sorting shapes, making it safe for smaller ones.

You’ll be a hit with your learning-loving friend when you show up to the shower with one of these great gifts!

2 Ways to Get Your Little One into the Team Spirit on Game Day!

Everyone can join in the game day fun, even baby! Try one of these fun ideas to bring a smile to your little one’s face!

  1. Customize a Gerber Onesies® brand bodysuit with your favorite team’s logo or colors Our white Onesies® brand bodysuits make the perfect canvas for showing your enthusiasm for your team. It’s super easy! Just get some fabric in your team’s print and Heat’n Bond® iron-on adhesive. Cut a shape or section out of your fabric, then follow the directions on the Heat’n Bond® package to adhere the fabric to the bodysuit.
  2. Create a ‘Get in the Game’ team centerpiece for your tailgate party using Gerber Onesies® and accessories — Invite your mom and dad friends over with their little ones for a baby tailgate! You can create a team-themed centerpiece that has a practical use after the party’s over! Check out the tutorial.

With these ideas, your little one can cheer along with you!

In the Gift-Giving Spirit: Baby Gift Ideas From Pinterest

The most fun gifts to give are the ones for little ones! And we discovered some of the best ideas on Pinterest!

A DIY Minky Blanket — Minky is super soft and easy to sew. It’s the perfect material for crafting baby blankets!


Stuffed Turtles — Make the new little one a stuffed toy that matches the nursery!


Origami Crane Mobile — Babies love to look at colorful mobiles! An origami crane mobile is inexpensive to make but beautiful! (Just make sure to remind the new mom to hang out of baby’s reach.)


A Gerber Onesies® Ice Cream Sundae — Make an “ice cream sundae” out of Gerber Onesies®! So cute and practical. Check out a video tutorial here.

Nursery Wall Decals — Help the new mom dress up the nursery with fun vinyl wall decals.


We’re always sharing new ideas on Pinterest, and we’d love for you to connect with us there!

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Be the Favorite Gift-Giver With These Best Mom-to-Be Gifts!

Want to give the mom-to-be something a little different along with your customary registry item? You’ll be the favorite gift-giver with these fantastic ideas!

Made-by-Hand — What’s more special than a something handmade? Here are 20 ideas for handmade baby gifts you can make yourself.


Never Lose a Paci — Most new moms get a workout bending over to pick up dropped pacifiers or bottles. This ingenious vest keeps pacifiers and bottles securely attached to baby, so no more picking up and washing!

Attachable Phone Case — Especially if your soon-to-be-mom friend is active, she’ll appreciate this mobile phone case that attaches to a stroller handle. No more missed calls or notifications.


Never Too Many Clothes — New moms can never have too many clothes! Babies grow out of clothes so quickly. Newborn sizes don’t last long, so if you’re buying clothes for the baby, you may want to give a few 3-6 month and 6-9 month sizes so the new mom will have something to put baby in as he or she grows!


What about you? Have you ever been stuck for gift ideas? What do you like to give soon-to-be moms?


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Be the Best Bestie Ever with a Sunny Shower

Summer is the perfect season for baby showers! The sun is shining, and everyone is ready to enjoy some miniature fun!

If you’re in charge of planning a summer shower for your bestie, you might be looking for some unique ideas that everyone will love. Here are a few to get your creativity started!

Bright Summer Fruits

Fun watermelon on a stick, bowls of berries, or melon hearts are healthy and pretty way to add some tasty color to your table. You can extend the idea with fruit-themed decor and accessories.

Minty Fresh 

A mint green inspired shower is perfect for the soon-to-be-mom who isn’t revealing the gender of her bun-in-the-oven. A menu that includes zucchini tarts and grapefruit spritzers is refreshing for those hot summer days.

Hello Sunshine

A sunny yellow shower will bring happy smiles to all the party-goers! Golden flowers will set a festive mood, and treats like omelets and orange juice or mimosas are ideal for Saturday mornings!

Woodland Animals in a Summer Forest

Everyone loves woodland animals, and baby animals are a delightful way to celebrate new babies! Invitations featuring tiny deer, a black forest cake, and wildflowers complete the theme.

Trip to the Beach

A beach-themed shower means fun in the sun! Seahorse cutouts, messages-in-bottles from the soon-to-be-mom’s closest friends, and colors of coral and teal will leave everyone with fantastic memories.

Have you planned a summer shower? What theme did you choose?

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Host a Cheerful Spring Baby Shower

Embrace spring and all its glory with a baby shower! Whether you’re planning a shower for a baby boy or baby girl, a spring shower is cheerful and fun. Even if the weather is still a bit chilly outside, bring spring inside with your decor and food choices. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Spring blooms. Try putting together or purchasing arrangements of daffodils and tulips. Glass vases full of twigs with spring blossoms, like dogwoods or cherry blossoms, also look fresh and springy. Or, if you’re going for a more rustic feel, try grouping several mason jars together with a peony or two in each.
  2. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Spring is a time when outside feels light and airy. Give your shower the same feel by using a variety of sizes and heights of cake pedestals to serve your food. Even carrots and celery sticks look inviting on pretty glass pedestals.
  3. What to drink. What better way to add more color to your party than by serving guests old-fashioned sodas in glass bottles? We love this shower idea from Bump Smitten!
  4. Delicious eats. Serve all foods inspired by spring. Think berries, fluffy cream puffs, or sugar cookies shaped like spring flowers. Make up fruit kabobs with strawberries, bananas, and pineapple. We think these Rasberry-Lemonade Granitas look especially yummy. Add just a touch more color with food by settting out jars of brightly colored candy, like gum drops.
  5. Party favors. What says spring more than a pinwheel? Send each guest home with a cute homemade pinwheel. Get the instructions here!
  6. Games to play. You can stick with the tried and true baby shower games, but add a spring twist. For instance, play baby shower bingo with flowers instead of normal bingo markers.

Celebrate spring and the new baby with a spring shower!
photo credit: Lotus Carroll via Photopin

How to Host a Pint-sized St. Patrick’s Day Party

Want to introduce your toddler to the luck o’ the Irish? Plan a St. Patrick’s Day party for his or her little pals. Here are some ideas:

  1. Turn your house into a green wonderland. Decorate with green and gold. Think all the things kids love—streamers and balloons. You could even try making these pretty green carnations to make an arrangement for the table.
  2. Become a leprechaun. Or look like one anyway. Print out and prepare these free leprechaun beards from for you tiny guests. On the invitation, ask that all the tots and their parents dress in their Irish best—green, gold, clover accents—whatever they can dream up.
  3. Eat green. Serve all things Irish to your little leprechauns. If the kiddos won’t be into corned beef and cabbage, try green Jello in the shape of clovers or this fun green popcorn. At the end of the party, serve everyone mint chocolate chip ice cream to send them off on a sweet note.
  4. Search for a pot o’ gold. Plan activities for the party guests like a gold coin hunt. Hide plastic or, better yet, chocolate gold coins around the house or yard for the kiddos to hunt for. The guest with the most wins the most luck!
  5. Dance like the Irish. Put on some old Irish tunes and teach the little ones how to dance an Irish jig. This may take a little practice ahead of time on your part!
  6. Whip up a little Irish magic. All kids love painting and gluing things together. Help them create a few little crafts like these over at We love the green blarney stone!

Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day celebrating the luck o’ the Irish with your toddler and his or her friends!


photo credit: San Diego Shooter

The Perfect ‘Push’ Gift

Here’s a list to help out you daddies-to-be. You know that lovely lady whose belly has expanded and who is about to go through one of the most eventful experiences of her life (aka labor and delivery)? She deserves a little something extra from you during this time in her life! Here are some ideas to make this time a special one.

  1. A necklace. You can get creative on this one—it can be as simple as a pendant with baby’s birthstone, or you can have it personalized with baby’s name and birth date. Either way, mom will love a necklace to memorialize baby’s birth.
  2. A bracelet. Try a charm bracelet with a locket for baby’s picture and add a new charm each year on baby’s birthday. Or go for the stackable look—get a bracelet with this baby’s birthstone and add another matching bracelet every time you have a new baby.
  3. A mom-ring. Again, baby’s birthstone is the traditional take on a mom-ring. Or you can get her a plain and simple ring to stack with her wedding and engagement rings.
  4. A trip. Don’t have a jewelry-loving partner? Take her somewhere she’s always wanted to go to relax. Check out the balmy Caribbean or a trip to the West Coast. If you want to go somewhere closer to home, try out a cabin a few hours away.
  5. A new TV. This one works out well for you, too, dads! Baby means fewer nights out, so cuddle up together after putting baby to bed and watch your favorite teams . . . or maybe a chick-flick!
  6. A gym membership. Got an athletic, health-conscious wife? Get a gym membership for both of you so you can work off baby weight. (We know, dads, you gained weight, too, and with no excuse!)

Treat your leading lady well before, during, and after her labor and delivery. She deserves it!


photo credit: scotbot via photopin cc

Christmas Baby Shower

On top of all the other holiday festivities, are you throwing a baby shower, too? We’ve got some planning and decorating tips to make your Christmas baby shower simple and sparkly!

  1. Add a little bit of shiny to your décor by filling a large vase with inexpensive Christmas balls. You can choose to use traditional Christmas colors or, better yet, you can use blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl.
  2. You know those adorable diaper cakes you see at showers everywhere? For your Christmas shower, create the same round diaper cakes, but turn them on their sides to make a cute diaper snowman. Buy your cloth diapers now!
  3. Want to try something fun for beverages? Set up a hot cocoa bar for your guests. Include several varieties of hot cocoa as well as fun add-ins, like marshmallows and peppermint sticks!
  4. Decorate a small Christmas tree with tiny socks and mittens for the new baby. Top it off with a cute little baby cap for baby to wear home from the hospital.
  5. Serve Christmas sugar cookies and ginger bread. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, let guests decorate their own cookies and give a prize to the best cookie decorator!
  6. Fill a clear glass Christmas ball with notes and predictions from the guests to give to baby on his eighteenth birthday.
  7. Hang stockings on your mantel (or if you don’t have a mantel, off a bookshelf or other sturdy piece of furniture). Fill the stockings with diapers or other small baby items for the momma-to be.
  8. Give each guest a small, white wooden ornament. Set out different colors of permanent markers and, if you don’t mind a bit of a mess, glue and glitter or other decorating supplies. Let your guests each decorate an ornament to give to the new momma.

Try out these ideas for a shower full of fun and good cheer!