What Not to Say to New Parents

Every new parent gets them—those silly or overly-personal questions that are annoying at best and offensive at worst. There’s something about meeting new parents that brings out the awkward in people. If you get any of these questions, you can roll your eyes a bit. We’d love to hear the “questions to avoid” that you’ve been asked—share with us in the comments!

  • “Oh, she’s probably hungry!” Some people think they understand your baby’s cries better than you do. Have confidence in your new parenting skills, and don’t waste energy fretting over someone else who thinks they know your baby better than you do.
  • “What?! You’re not breastfeeding?” or “Why don’t you use cloth diapers?” Yes, some people are overly passionate about their pet baby issue, whether it’s feeding or diapering or whatever else. You have your reasons for what you do, and you don’t need to explain them to everyone who tells you to do it differently.
  • “He needs a little brother or sister! When’s the next one coming?”  At the moment, you likely feel like saying, “never.” A newborn is a lot of work. Don’t feel pressured to plan the next few years now, and don’t feel the need to give a response to those who want to rush you along.
  • “You’ve still got that baby belly!” If you weren’t so tired, you’d probably feel like doing something violent in response to this one, right? It takes a while to get rid of baby weight, and sometimes it doesn’t ever come off. You just went through nine long months of pregnancy and a painful labor or C-section. Don’t worry about someone else thinking you should be a certain size.
  • “How are you sleeping?” How does every parent of a newborn sleep? Not well! And that’s ok—it’s just part of the newborn experience. It’s also ok to be annoyed when someone asks you this question!

What else can you add to the list? Any horror stories out there?