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Let Dad Keep Your Little One Entertained While You Shop Black Friday

It’s sale season! And if you’re one of those people who wouldn’t let anything keep you from the Black Friday deals, you might need some ideas on what to do with your little one while you shop. Most men don’t love shopping, so try pitching one of these ideas to your partner to give you time to snag the special savings.

  1. Toddler Dance Party. Who doesn’t love a dance party?! Dads and little ones can bond and have a blast at the same time. Just put on your tot’s favorite music and get down!
  2. Story Time. Most little ones are happy to listen to stories and will sit mesmerized while Dad reads to them. Gather some picture books and let baby see the colorful images during the story.
  3. Build a Fort.Remember how much you enjoyed making blanket forts when you were little? Let Dad take it to the next level with these super cool ideas!
  4. Special Toys. Save some toys that you bring out only during Daddy playtime. Baby will look forward to his or her favorites and they’ll make it that much more special.
  5. Day Out With Dad—If Dad doesn’t mind the traffic, he can take the little one on a fun adventure—to the park, the children’s museum, or to see the latest kids’ movie.

With these ideas, Dad will be thankful he doesn’t have to spend all day in the stores, baby will have a blast, and you’ll be able to score those crazy-good deals! A win for everyone!

10 tips for Baby’s First Christmas Card

Tiffany Dahle is the founder and managing editor behind the popular lifestyle blog, Peanut Blossom. Her blog features inspirational tips that help readers develop everyday opportunities for creativity in the kitchen, through photography, and on the road!

One of the things I most looked forward to during my daughters’ first year of life was celebrating their first Christmases. No matter which holiday your family celebrates, this season is filled with a joyous vibe that you’ll want to capture in memorable images to share with family and friends.

If you’d like to share your baby’s First Christmas as part of your holiday card, you’re facing special challenges for setting up a sweet scene everyone on your card list will adore. All you need to do is arm yourself with your camera, these simple tips, and then go play!

10 Tips for Capturing Baby’s First Holiday

  • Before you start, make sure everyone involved (including YOU) has recently had a snack. Hunger sneaks up on us and can quickly cause meltdowns, tantrums, and grumpy faces. The best smiles come from satisfied tummies.
  • Use safe and comfy props like stuffed chairs or blankets (and siblings!) to position baby for the photo. Get everybody comfy, and the whole shoot will go so much better.
  • Don’t use your camera’s flash. Use natural light whenever possible, babies do not respond well to bright flashes in their eyes and their sweet skin is so much more flattering with real light.
  • The best time to capture the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree are before the room has gone completely dark. Try late afternoon just as dusk is setting so that your child still has enough light on their face to avoid the camera flash.


  • Capture your images by shooting at eye level to your child. Squat down low or even lay on your tummy on the floor to get the proper angle.
  • If baby can’t sit up yet, try shooting straight down with baby lying flat on the floor looking up. Use a solid color textured blanket to make a pretty backdrop but make sure it fills the entire frame. This means you’ll want to crop in closely and try to engage baby for some eye contact.
  • Give baby a safe holiday themed prop to hold and inspect. Think child-proof ornaments, a shiny bell, their stocking or a festive toy.


  • You will have the best luck keeping your photo shoot in your own home. Babies are more comfortable in their familiar surroundings and you can break for naps as needed
  • Siblings are perfect for keeping baby in the right spot. Set them up with an activity where they will interact with one another like reading a story together.


  • Let go of “perfect”. Getting more than one child in a photo at the same time with everyone smiling perfectly and looking at the camera can be darn near impossible. This is supposed to be fun for you all, not anxiety inducing. Even the imperfect image will be heart melting when you look back in the years to come.


Keep this simple check list handy as you head into your photo session.

Checklist for Laura

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Get Your Little One Involved With DIY Craft Gifts for Grandparents

Trying to think of the perfect gift for the grandparents this holiday season? Why not make your own, and get your little one involved? You can create personalized gifts they’ll love so much better than anything you could get from a store! Here are some ideas to get you started:

I Love You Book This sweet book lets you and your little one share the love! You create the book, and then help your toddler fill it with ways he or she loves Granddad and Grandma!

Art Trivet—Let your little one paint away with kid-safe paints, then use the artwork to make a pretty trivet!

Handprint Mosaic Stepping Stones —Design a stepping stone for Grandma’s garden! When you’re finished setting the mosaic, get baby involved by pressing a handprint into the clay.

Send a HugThis mailer is the cutest! When Grandpa opens this package, it will bring endless smiles!

Chalk Photography—Grandparents love photos of the grandkids! But when you get tired of the same old poses, try something different. Draw a chalk drawing that you can include baby in, snap a photo, then just print and frame!


What DIY gifts have you created that have been a hit with the grandparents? Please share your ideas!


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Thanksgiving Crafts for Happy Toddlers

When Thanksgiving dinner has been tucked away into everyone’s tummies, the little ones always want to know what’s next on the agenda. You can keep toddlers occupied with enjoyable and easy craft projects. Here are a few that aren’t much trouble to pack and take with you, wherever you’re spending the holiday.

Turkey PuppetThis guy is fun to make, and the little ones can play with their creations afterwards!

Thanksgiving Place Cards —If you need an activity to keep the kids occupied before dinner, have them create Thanksgiving place cards for everyone gathering around the table.

Give Thanks Coloring Page —Nearly every toddler loves coloring, and this printable page lets you get in the Thanksgiving spirit!

Tissue Paper Autumn Leaf—Little ones will love scrunching up the tissue paper for these pretty leaves.

Thanksgiving Tree —Everyone can get involved in creating this Thankful Thanksgiving Tree! Kids and adults alike make construction paper handprints, and write down what they’re thankful for. Then all the handprints are collected together and placed on the tree!


Crafts are a great way to ensure happy kids, and they’re fun for you too! (Way better than sitting around the living room listening to the same old stories from the relatives!)



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When the Weather Outside is Frightful: Ideas for Indoor Exercise

The temps are dropping, the wind is picking up, and some parts of the country are starting to see snow and ice —it’s that time of year again! It’s almost impossible to make yourself get out in the weather. But you can stay fit and healthy through the winter, and you don’t need expensive gym equipment. Here are some indoor exercise ideas to keep you warm while working out!

  • Bodyweight strength training with baby—You can do planks, squats, push-ups, and more, all while watching your little one! shows how to make it simple.
  • Online exercise TV —Whether you’re into yoga, barre, intense cardio, or strength training, there’s an online exercise program for you! Gaiam, DailyBurn, and FitnessBlender offer low-cost or free workouts you can stream.
  • Yoga for mom and baby —Yoga is nourishing for your joints and muscles, and it will relax you on days you’re stressed. MindBodyGreen has some wonderful ideas on integrating yoga and bonding with your little one.

How do you handle fitness during the winter months? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining with Baby

Entertaining family and friends during the holidays can be stressful enough on its own. Add a baby to the mix, and your stress level can go through the roof if you try to take on too much.

But holiday entertaining can be simple and enjoyable for both you and your guests. Here are a few tips to keep everyone smiling.

  • Make a list. With everything from cleaning the bathrooms to cooking favorite dishes, you’re not going to be able to remember everything! Write your tasks down so you can relax and know that nothing will be forgotten.   large_3447058308
  • Cook ahead. Many things can be made ahead, like desserts, cookies, and sauces. Freeze them and just pop them in the microwave or oven when you’re ready for them. medium_4311836838
  • Ask for help. Why should you do all the cooking? Ask each guest to bring something along, and your to-do list will drastically shorten.
  • Don’t think your meal has to look like a magazine photo. Even if you could make your holiday table look like those on the covers of magazines, everything is going to get messed-up as soon as everyone sits down and digs in! So don’t pressure yourself with fancy table decorations and making sure everything is pristine.
  • Enlist a family babysitter. Ask your sister, mom, or cousin to watch baby while you get some things done. Just set up the playpen close to the holiday action, and the babysitter will enjoy it too!
  • Keep the dishes to a minimum. Who says you have to use fine china? Use cute holiday-themed paper plates to save yourself the time of washing loads of dishes. 24949249
  • There’s no shame in going store-bought. You don’t have to make everything from scratch. Or anything from scratch! Do what you need to, and don’t feel guilty —there’s no reason to!
  • Take some time to reflect. Thanksgiving is a time to think about the good things in your life. Don’t allow holiday entertaining to let your mind become consumed with stress and steal that opportunity from you. As you go through the days, let your mind focus on the things you appreciate.

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3 Festive Fall Ideas for an Autumn Baby Shower

Soon-to-be moms who get autumn baby showers are so lucky—with so many fun and cozy fall decorations and goodies! If you’re planning a baby shower this fall, here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

  1. Little Pumpkin — With a pumpkin-inspired table banner, themed cupcakes, and iced lattes, this idea is super cute and perfect for fall! photo_27097_view_album_large
  2. Ready to Pop — Who doesn’t love caramel corn? It’s one of our fall favorites, and it sets the stage for a perfect autumn shower! 598472_371170776308407_862993117_n_600x900
  3. Fall in Love — Use the colors of autumn’s falling leaves to celebrate the new little one! Everything from invitations to table decor to leaf-shaped cookies will make this theme special. il_570xN.489383604_bdig

What’s your favorite fall shower theme?

upper photo credit: Kate’s Party Ideas

Safe and Spooktacular: 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Tots

What’s more fun than dressing up as your favorite animal or character and collecting candy?! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many little ones, and it’s easy to forget safety in all the fun.

Here are five safety essentials that you’ll want to include in your spooky celebrations:

  • Stay away from flames. Jack-o-lanterns are cute but there’s fire inside! Billowy costumes can catch on fire, so be aware of the type of costume you choose and keep away from open flames.
  • Be visible. Darkness comes early this time of year, so be sure you can see your little one at all times with reflector tape on his or her costume. You can also head out early while there’s plenty of light.
  • Keep costumes short. Long hems can cause falls, so stay with something short.
  • Enforce a no-running rule.It’s difficult for drivers to see small children at night, so keep them close to you at all times and enforce no running.
  • , so keep your tot close.
  • Use non-toxic face paint instead of masks. Masks make it difficult for little ones to see and breathe, so stick to non-toxic makeup for kids.

Halloween can be a fantastic, fun holiday for everyone as long as you keep it safe! What other tips do you have to share?


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Twice as Sweet: Mom and Baby Duo Costumes

Whether you’re staying home on the 31st and passing out candy or heading to a little-ones-welcome Halloween party, you can win best costume with matching mom and baby set! Here are a few ideas.


Harry and Hedwig: We love this Harry Potter-inspired idea! Who knew Hedwig was such a cutie?


Rainbow Bright and Twink: We watched hours and hours of Rainbow Bright growing up, and we love this set! Now you can have your own little sprite! 


Tony the Tiger on a Frosted Flakes Box: This is a kid’s cereal that comes with a kid on the front!


Woody and Jessie from Toy Story: Does your little one love Toy Story? This set is easy to put together, and so adorable! 

Your costume will be twice as nice with baby involved! 

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The Prettiest Season for Photos of Your Happy Little One

With the cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is the perfect time for photos! Gather your little ones and head outdoors for these fantastic photo op ideas we found on Pinterest.

Among the Leaves — Planting baby in the midst of pretty fall leaves makes a classic fall photo!


Pretty in the Pumpkin Patch — What’s more in the autumn spirit than a pumpkin patch? Head to a pick-your-own patch and take home a pumpkin while you’re at it! 


All in the Family — Get the whole family involved by hiring a photographer or asking a friend to shoot for you. 


At the Orchard — Pose your little one in an orchard with a peck of apples, and you’ll have a lovely autumn backdrop. 


Fall Hike — Take your tot on a walk through the park or in the woods, and use nature as your studio! 


Fall is quite possibly the prettiest season, so grab your camera and get some adorable autumn photos you’ll keep forever!