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Twice as Sweet: Mom and Baby Duo Costumes

Whether you’re staying home on the 31st and passing out candy or heading to a little-ones-welcome Halloween party, you can win best costume with matching mom and baby set! Here are a few ideas.


Harry and Hedwig: We love this Harry Potter-inspired idea! Who knew Hedwig was such a cutie?


Rainbow Bright and Twink: We watched hours and hours of Rainbow Bright growing up, and we love this set! Now you can have your own little sprite! 


Tony the Tiger on a Frosted Flakes Box: This is a kid’s cereal that comes with a kid on the front!


Woody and Jessie from Toy Story: Does your little one love Toy Story? This set is easy to put together, and so adorable! 

Your costume will be twice as nice with baby involved! 

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The Prettiest Season for Photos of Your Happy Little One

With the cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is the perfect time for photos! Gather your little ones and head outdoors for these fantastic photo op ideas we found on Pinterest.

Among the Leaves — Planting baby in the midst of pretty fall leaves makes a classic fall photo!


Pretty in the Pumpkin Patch — What’s more in the autumn spirit than a pumpkin patch? Head to a pick-your-own patch and take home a pumpkin while you’re at it! 


All in the Family — Get the whole family involved by hiring a photographer or asking a friend to shoot for you. 


At the Orchard — Pose your little one in an orchard with a peck of apples, and you’ll have a lovely autumn backdrop. 


Fall Hike — Take your tot on a walk through the park or in the woods, and use nature as your studio! 


Fall is quite possibly the prettiest season, so grab your camera and get some adorable autumn photos you’ll keep forever!

Babies Can Celebrate the 4th Too!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without friends and family gathering for a patriotic picnic on the 4th of July! Festive bunting, colorful table settings, juicy watermelon, delicious pies, and games of cornhole — all the fun things that make up America’s birthday party.

Little ones can get involved in the celebrations too! Bring a pack-n-play to the picnic, along with baby’s favorite toys. Many little ones will be fascinated by your city’s fireworks display (although be aware that some babies may be frightened by the noise).

What celebrations do you have planned with your family? We’d love to hear!



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Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is almost here! In keeping with the Easter basket tradition, fill a basket with goodies for your little one. Help your child celebrate with these fabulous Easter basket ideas:

  • If your child is too tiny to really enjoy the normal Easter basket goodies, put a piggy bank in her basket to jump start her college fund, and include a new toy to play with.
  • Instead of loading your tot’s basket up with sugar, give him or her items that will inspire creativity, like child-safe crayons, sidewalk chalk, finger paints, or water colors. If he or she is old enough, try some small containers of play dough. You can even make your own–check out this link!
  • Give a basket filled with books to help your little one learn to love reading. You can either give Easter-themed books or your favorite children’s books.
  • Help him or her get ready for summer fun with a basket full of summer toys and necessities: think items like baby sunscreen, baby beach and pool toys, or a cute bathing suit.
  • If your little girl is a princess-in-the-making, fill her basket with must-have princess items, like a frilly dress-up dress, a tiara, and princess shoes.
  • For your sport lover, create a basket full of kiddie balls and a kiddie bat.
  • Stimulate a love for music by filling your toddler’s basket with kid-sized musical instruments, like a drum and some maracas. Throw in a kid’s kazoo for extra noise!

Easter baskets are a fun way to celebrate, and they can be a lot of fun. If you put your creativity to work, you can come up with something unique.

Easter Traditions to Make Your Child’s Holiday Special

Traditions don’t have to be for just Christmas. Make Easter extra special for your child and your entire family by creating traditions that you do every Easter.

  • Easter egg hunt. An egg hunt can be fun for the whole family. Find a great location—your house works, but what about taking a trip to a nearby farm or park?
  • Easter basket hunt. Make your kids hunt for their Easter loot. You can either hide their baskets along with the eggs, or make them hunt for them separately. For little ones, hide their baskets in simple places, like in a flower bed or behind a planter on the front porch.
  • Decorate Easter eggs. To start your tot off decorating his or her first eggs, supply him or her with child-safe markers or to make the eggs beautiful.
  • Easter brunch. Christmas shouldn’t be the only holiday that gets a brunch! Cook up something extra special for every Easter morning.
  • Easter tree. Decorate a small tree or a plant around the house with Easter and spring decorations. Just be careful to use child-safe decorations and keep them out of arm’s reach.
  • Easter garden. Help your little one plant an Easter garden with “magic beans” (otherwise known as jelly beans). Water them and then, after your little one goes to bed, “plant” lollipops so when your child wakes up she or she will see a magical candy garden!
  • Easter bonnets and more. Dress your kiddo in a really great getup for Easter. Think brightly colored spring dresses or this duck-themed Sleep N Play for girls, and seersucker or this spring-green animal themed Sleep N Play for boys.

Help your little ones love Easter as much as Christmas by starting traditions they can enjoy for years to come!



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Host a Cheerful Spring Baby Shower

Embrace spring and all its glory with a baby shower! Whether you’re planning a shower for a baby boy or baby girl, a spring shower is cheerful and fun. Even if the weather is still a bit chilly outside, bring spring inside with your decor and food choices. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Spring blooms. Try putting together or purchasing arrangements of daffodils and tulips. Glass vases full of twigs with spring blossoms, like dogwoods or cherry blossoms, also look fresh and springy. Or, if you’re going for a more rustic feel, try grouping several mason jars together with a peony or two in each.
  2. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Spring is a time when outside feels light and airy. Give your shower the same feel by using a variety of sizes and heights of cake pedestals to serve your food. Even carrots and celery sticks look inviting on pretty glass pedestals.
  3. What to drink. What better way to add more color to your party than by serving guests old-fashioned sodas in glass bottles? We love this shower idea from Bump Smitten!
  4. Delicious eats. Serve all foods inspired by spring. Think berries, fluffy cream puffs, or sugar cookies shaped like spring flowers. Make up fruit kabobs with strawberries, bananas, and pineapple. We think these Rasberry-Lemonade Granitas look especially yummy. Add just a touch more color with food by settting out jars of brightly colored candy, like gum drops.
  5. Party favors. What says spring more than a pinwheel? Send each guest home with a cute homemade pinwheel. Get the instructions here!
  6. Games to play. You can stick with the tried and true baby shower games, but add a spring twist. For instance, play baby shower bingo with flowers instead of normal bingo markers.

Celebrate spring and the new baby with a spring shower!
photo credit: Lotus Carroll via Photopin

How to Host a Pint-sized St. Patrick’s Day Party

Want to introduce your toddler to the luck o’ the Irish? Plan a St. Patrick’s Day party for his or her little pals. Here are some ideas:

  1. Turn your house into a green wonderland. Decorate with green and gold. Think all the things kids love—streamers and balloons. You could even try making these pretty green carnations to make an arrangement for the table.
  2. Become a leprechaun. Or look like one anyway. Print out and prepare these free leprechaun beards from for you tiny guests. On the invitation, ask that all the tots and their parents dress in their Irish best—green, gold, clover accents—whatever they can dream up.
  3. Eat green. Serve all things Irish to your little leprechauns. If the kiddos won’t be into corned beef and cabbage, try green Jello in the shape of clovers or this fun green popcorn. At the end of the party, serve everyone mint chocolate chip ice cream to send them off on a sweet note.
  4. Search for a pot o’ gold. Plan activities for the party guests like a gold coin hunt. Hide plastic or, better yet, chocolate gold coins around the house or yard for the kiddos to hunt for. The guest with the most wins the most luck!
  5. Dance like the Irish. Put on some old Irish tunes and teach the little ones how to dance an Irish jig. This may take a little practice ahead of time on your part!
  6. Whip up a little Irish magic. All kids love painting and gluing things together. Help them create a few little crafts like these over at We love the green blarney stone!

Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day celebrating the luck o’ the Irish with your toddler and his or her friends!


photo credit: San Diego Shooter

Valentine’s Day as a Parent

Valentine’s Day may look a little different for you and your partner this year. You’re used to celebrating Valentine’s Day just the two of you, but now you’ve got a third. Make the day special with these Valentine’s Day tips:

  1. Schedule it in. You have a baby to plan around this year, but make sure to add spending time together to your busy schedule. Talk together in advance about what you would like to do together on Valentine’s Day—dinner out, a movie, a walk. Also plan in advance to hire a babysitter if you need one. Keep in mind that many babysitters may already have Valentine’s Day plans.
  2. Be willing to try something different. In years past, your Valentine’s plans probably included a romantic dinner, lots of chocolate and candles. Life has changed since then, though. Try this year to think of little things that your partner would appreciate, like a clean car, a clean bathroom, the laundry being done, or a home cooked meal. Create a coupon book for your partner of jobs he or she might like to have done once in a while throughout the coming year. Romance isn’t all about chocolate and candles, although they’re nice!
  3. Do something you haven’t done in a while. If you’ve been too busy to work out, hire a sitter and go to the gym together. Or take a trip to the bookstore together and pick out a book to read after your little one has gone down for the night.

Don’t let three be a crowd this Valentine’s Day. Be creative to make Valentine’s Day as parents better than any you’ve experienced before!


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Ring in the New Year with Baby

If this is your first New Year with a child, it’s probably going to look a bit different from all your other New Year celebrations. Although you may not be out partying the night away this year, you can still ring in the New Year in fun and style with baby. Here’s how:

  1. Host a party at your house. You may choose to just invite friends with small children of their own (and who, consequently won’t stay all night so they can put their own kiddos to bed), or you may want your biggest party animal friends to come. Either way, by hosting a party at your house, you can get baby to bed at a decent hour so he  or she doesn’t turn into a Cranky Pants on New Years Day.
  2. Take baby along. If you’ve been invited to a kid-friendly party at someone else’s home, if baby is old enough, take him or her with you. Check with the hostess and ask if she has a quiet room you can lay baby down to sleep in when it gets late.
  3. Change it up. Who said you had to celebrate New Years on New Years Eve? And who said you had to stay up until midnight? If you know baby will be up early, regardless of what time you get to bed, you may choose to hit the hay early yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in the morning. Plan a special brunch and watch football all day with your partner. Or invite other parents with the same problem over to hang out on New Years Day.

Parents, what are your New Years plans? How do you celebrate with a baby?

Christmas Baby Shower

On top of all the other holiday festivities, are you throwing a baby shower, too? We’ve got some planning and decorating tips to make your Christmas baby shower simple and sparkly!

  1. Add a little bit of shiny to your décor by filling a large vase with inexpensive Christmas balls. You can choose to use traditional Christmas colors or, better yet, you can use blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl.
  2. You know those adorable diaper cakes you see at showers everywhere? For your Christmas shower, create the same round diaper cakes, but turn them on their sides to make a cute diaper snowman. Buy your cloth diapers now!
  3. Want to try something fun for beverages? Set up a hot cocoa bar for your guests. Include several varieties of hot cocoa as well as fun add-ins, like marshmallows and peppermint sticks!
  4. Decorate a small Christmas tree with tiny socks and mittens for the new baby. Top it off with a cute little baby cap for baby to wear home from the hospital.
  5. Serve Christmas sugar cookies and ginger bread. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, let guests decorate their own cookies and give a prize to the best cookie decorator!
  6. Fill a clear glass Christmas ball with notes and predictions from the guests to give to baby on his eighteenth birthday.
  7. Hang stockings on your mantel (or if you don’t have a mantel, off a bookshelf or other sturdy piece of furniture). Fill the stockings with diapers or other small baby items for the momma-to be.
  8. Give each guest a small, white wooden ornament. Set out different colors of permanent markers and, if you don’t mind a bit of a mess, glue and glitter or other decorating supplies. Let your guests each decorate an ornament to give to the new momma.

Try out these ideas for a shower full of fun and good cheer!