Tips and Tricks to Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep

We recommend dressing baby in something soft and breathable like our sleepwear, but sometimes you need a few more tricks to get baby sleeping soundly. We’re happy to welcome our guest blogger Amy from Mom Spark to our site today to share tips and tricks to help baby sleep.


Sleep is a tricky thing when you’re a mother. Whether you’ve got a newborn at home, or a just-learning-to-crawl tot, or a child on the verge of another big milestone, this whole sleep thing doesn’t always come easily — or as often as we’d hope. If you’re having troubles getting your sweetheart to sleep at night (or nap time), the effects of mama-grogginess will start to wear thin — especially if, when they finally get to sleep, you find yourself having a hard time finding those moments of shuteye!

While I won’t profess to be the world’s foremost baby sleep expert, I do know a few tips and tricks that might just help you AND your little ones to get a great night’s sleep!

Here are a few ideas you can try TONIGHT!


We all have different and busy schedules to cope with each evening, and with a baby you’ve got a whole new element to manage. If you’re finding that baby isn’t settling down before bed, begin the bedtime routine with plenty of time for pre-sleep relaxation. Shortly after dinner time, dedicate these moments to dimming the lights, treating your little one to a warm bath and a baby massage, then play soothing music to get everyone feeling nice and calm. These simple actions help baby to recognize that sleep time is coming — try this every night for a week and you’ll see a difference, I’m sure of it!

White Noise

If you’re finding that every tiny sound wakes your baby (like the sound of you breathing!) you’ll love how easily they’ll rest with a fan, a white noise machine, or a sleep app on your phone works to keep them snoozing beyond the dog bark, doorbells, and ill-timed solicitors!

Swaddling/Tucking In a Newborn

Newborns love to be swaddled, as they can feel nice and secure, just like they were in your belly. Make sure your newborn is safe and comfortable, then wrap them tightly like a burrito! This also helps with the newborn startle reflex, which causes their limbs to fly in every direction at once, often waking themselves up. When swaddled, newborns stay secure, safe, and asleep.

I hope these ideas bring a few more hours of shuteye to your life, moms!

What’s your advice for helping little ones to fall asleep?