Ways to Make Life Smoother for Moms of Toddlers and New Babies

If you’re a mom with a toddler and another little one on the way, you’re probably wondering how you’ll care for two high-maintenance little people. But if you get creative, there are fun ways to make life smoother for those of you with toddlers and new babies! Here are some ideas we’ve gathered.

A sling or baby carrier is your best friend. Baby is sometimes going to need to be held or nursed at the exact moment when your toddler is running around the house like a whirlwind. If you can keep baby with you but still keep one or both hands free, do it! Slings and carriers also come in handy when you want to spend time with both kiddos together–storytime or songtime is much easier when you have your hands free.

Don’t be hard on yourself. No mom is going to be a perfect mom all the time. So don’t beat yourself up when you feel like you can’t handle it all.

Get a support group. Your partner is a great place to start. But also enlist the help of neighbors, relatives, babysitters, and other moms. Share household jobs with your partner to take some of the load off of yourself. Call a babysitter when you need a night off. And call Grandma when you need someone to take the kids for the afternoon so you can catch up on sleep.

Multitask with mommy-kid time. If you feel like your older child is getting neglected, ask your partner to keep baby while you run errands and take your toddler with you for some much needed mommy-time.

Enlist the older child’s help. Help your older child feel needed by including him or her in baby care. When you bathe baby, let him or her wash baby’s feet. Or, when you change baby’s diaper, ask your older child to hand you the wipes.

Stock your car. Forget having to find and restock the diaper bag every time you need to go somewhere. Instead, keep the car stocked with all those kid-necessities: diapers, toys, extra clothes, and snacks.

You’ve got this, moms! Those of you who have more than one child, what advice do you have for making life smoother?